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A screenshot of Sam & Dan Central

Sam & Dan Central is a Sam & Dan games fan forums created by GraphicForce. It opened on May 20, 2011. It has a currency system called Pokedollars.


Sam & Dan Central is well known for its trading board where users can trade pokemon from PTD for other pokemon from PTD or for Pokedollars.




Global ModeratorsEdit

  • almostpro
  • JohtoTrainer
  • MasterSnowy
  • Mudkipz
  • SnoBro
  • Trainer Red
  • xplay10
  • Zackirus

Forum Moderator (Signature Of The Week)Edit

  • Shojiro

Active Outstanding Contributors (Used to be Global Mod)Edit

  • Aura
  • BudgetSpaner
  • Jonaton's Mewgia
  • Ketia
  • KimmyLube
  • PokeFan Gen. 1
  • Professer Smeargle
  • Shojiro
  • zShenanigans

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